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The term ‘investment’ or ‘investing’ is closely related to concepts in economics, finance, and business management. Investment refers to the active redirection of monetary resources and assets towards profit generation and future benefits, rather than consuming them as they are generated. Investment management is the process of professionally managing the various financial securities and assets belonging to an investor, for the purpose of earning maximum benefits. Over the past few years, the investment management industry has grown considerably, managing trillions of dollars annually across the globe.

Investors could be institutions or privateinvestors. Institutions, which primarily invest in assets, include insurance companies, corporations, pension funds, etc. Private investors are those individuals who have, directly through investment contracts or through collective investment schemes, (like exchange trade funds or mutual funds), made investments for future income. Investment management for private investors and investing institutions is also known as ‘fund management’. Investment management services are often called portfolio management and wealth management services.

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Property Investment Management

As a relatively safe form of investment, purchasing properties makes an individual, or company, susceptible to less financial volatility than shares. Since the value of properties rise in the long-term, investors stand to gain profits when reselling properties in the market. Also, investors are eligible for tax deductions, not available on other investments.

Intelligently conducted, Property Investment Management can help you obtain tax variations and enhance your income and increase cash flows through rentals. It can help you use your negatively geared investments to legally reduce your taxes. If your property loan is more than income from property rental, a skilled Property Investment Management professional will help you indicate the difference between interest and losses incurred to obtain deductions on tax returns.

Investment Management in the UK

Following the sudden boom in the UK investment management business, there are thousands of institutions and millions of private investors pooling funds in a broad range of investment instruments.

Investing institutions consist of insurance companies, corporations, pension funds, and so on. Private investors are individuals who invest through investment contracts or through exchange trade funds or mutual funds (collective investment schemes). With large quantities of money exchanging hands annually across the globe, the UK investment management business is now focusing on recruiting new investment staff and generating massive revenues.


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