Investment Management Jobs

Investment Management Jobs

Investment Firms and Investment Management Jobs

When individuals invest in high profit potential assets, their investments can reap them great monetary benefits from the financial market. To ensure the steady growth of wealth however, investors will need more than just large sums of money invested in securities. Expert investment management undertaken by informed and experienced investment managers can help investors earn steady incomes. If you aspire to be one amongst the many investment professionals helping millions worldwide every day, finding suitable investment management jobs should be your top priority.

Investment management is a booming industry and there are a number of investment firms offering professional investment management services to institutions and private investors. As a growing financial industrial sector and part of a lucrative industry, investment firms offer a wide range of investment management jobs for aspiring investment professionals like you.

Before applying for investment management jobs in investment firms, you must understand the following essential concepts related to investment firms:

Profit Maximisation Investment Firms:

An investment business following the profit maximisation objective will primarily be focused on increasing its own profits. All efforts of the business organisation will be directed towards its goal achievement.

Wealth Maximisation Investment Firms: 

An investment business following the wealth maximisation objective will focus on increasing the wealth of the company’s shareholders. Profits are represented by the firm’s market value of shares, and define the net worth of the firm. 

Though wealth maximisation of shareholders seems nobler than acquiring profits for the business enterprises, in truth, both these objectives are related. The market value of shares will ultimately depend on the long-term returns generated by the investment company.

Investment Management Jobs Search

Investment management jobs are also classified as asset investment management jobs. Depending on your educational qualification and experience, you may apply for different kinds of investment management jobs.

Beginners in the investment industry will generally start with entry-level investment management jobs. You may qualify for clerical posts, or if you hold a Business Administration degree, qualify for executive posts at investment firms. With a Masters degree in Business Administration, you can foray into investment banking as an investment banking management analyst. With increased experience, you may even rise to positions such as investment consultants, product managers, investment advisors, fund managers, and so on. If you are well-versed in information technology, you may also land a job as a software / hardware professional in an investment company.

Good qualifications will provide you an easy entry into investment firms. While a sound education is still largely the basic requirement for employment, there are many investment management jobs that will offer on-job training opportunities to compensate for lack of specific knowledge. If you aspire to climb the corporate ladder, you must grab every learning opportunity; even pursue asset management courses and specialisation subjects relevant to your dream job in the investment industry.

Investment Management Jobs and Types of Investment Companies

An investment company is an organised financial body (business trust, corporation, limited liability partnership) that issues financial securities and also invests in the same. Investment companies invest money pooled by investors on a collective basis. Profits or losses incurred from an investment venture are shared among all investors in the same proportion they invested in the project.

Investment companies are categorised as:

  • Open-end companies or mutual funds – Investors can redeem the shares if they desire. They can sell it back to the fund or a broker representing the fund. The price at which the shares can be sold will depend on their net asset value.
  • Closed-end companies or closed-end funds – Shares are not redeemable. Shares can be sold to investors on the secondary market. The share prices will be decided by the secondary market. 
  • Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) – Shares are redeemable. If an investor wants to sell his / her shares, he / she can sell them back to the trust or to a broker acting on behalf of the trust at the net asset value of shares.

When you are preparing for investment management jobs, consider the various options within an investment company. Depending on the kinds of investment management jobs you wish to pursue, you can either choose investment areas like stock fund, money market fund, bond fund, index fund, exchange-traded fund, or interval fund for investment management jobs.

Investment Management Jobs –What Do Investors Expect From Investment Professionals?

Investment companies offer a range of investment management jobs. All investors, however, expect a few basic qualities from investment professionals:

  • The adequate educational qualification and employment at a reputed firm; credibility
  • Years of experience, supported by a successful investment portfolio
  • Strong market knowledge and ability to offer good investment advice
  • Ability to provide regular updates on investment; value added service
  • Ethical approach to work; avoiding unethical practices for making quick money, like luring investors by offering a refund of commission, etc.

Investment is a thriving industry, ever-growing and ever-changing, involved in huge monetary exchanges and transactions across the globe each year . Investment management jobs are plentiful in the market. If you have the required qualifications and proper training, there is no stopping you!